In this April 26, 2021, file photo, heavy machinery is used to cut trees to widen an existing Central Maine Power power line corridor to make way for new utility poles near Bingham. Credit: Robert F. Bukaty / AP

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Unfortunately, Maine voters in November rejected the hydroelectric renewable energy project that would have provided the New England grid with inexpensive, clean, renewable electric power and benefits to Mainers, including a safer and more reliable power supply into the regional grid and lower rates.

The campaign to reject this project was, in part, funded by the natural gas companies that play a role in the recently announced, very large electric rate increases. I was dismayed by the misleading campaign claim that ecosystems would be ruined. I believe the ads did not explain that the cleared “corridor” went mostly through industrial forest lands. I was shocked at the anti-Canada rhetoric.

I never saw the opponents explain the value of having a large amount of inexpensive hydro power going into the baseload power supply for New England to ensure a reliable electric supply and lower costs. Now we are being warned about brownouts and blackouts due to the tight natural gas supply.

I lobbied on the legislation that led to separation of the electric transmission from the power generation resources — the goal was to decrease consumer costs and increase renewable power. I have spent hours driving through privately owned cut over forest industry lands in Maine.

I support bringing renewable hydroelectric power into our New England grid for three reasons: reducing fossil fuel use, diversifying power sources and lowering costs.

Pam Person