In this Jan. 14, 2021, file photo, solar panels stretch across 38 acres at the BNRG/Dirigo solar farm in Oxford. Credit: Robert F. Bukaty / AP

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At the moment, humanity is dooming itself to a future when a world ravaged by climate change and stricken by natural disasters will be the reality, due primarily to the burning of fossil fuels. I go to King Middle School in Portland. Here we have been learning about climate change. I have come to the conclusion that Maine needs to focus on renewable energy infrastructure.

Improvements to said infrastructure can create jobs because expansion and modernization of Maine’s electrical grid is needed, a clear opportunity for job creation. These efforts will also help to replace the current outdated system, which will improve the reliability and overall strength of the grid. Investing more in renewable energy infrastructure is also critical to fully utilizing the potential for renewable energies. Maine needs to upgrade and repair its electric transmission system to avoid disruptions in the flow of electricity. These issues will have to be addressed as the state continues to decarbonize its electrical, heating and transportation sectors. All of these factors make renewable energy infrastructure vital to Maine’s continued decarbonization.

We need to keep leaders in power in Maine — in the Legislature, the governor’s office and other local positions — accountable to the current climate plan, “Maine won’t wait.” We may also need to pressure those same officials if more than the current climate plan is necessary.

Emmett Fay-LeBlanc