Rose Clowes of Sidney continues to provide Bangor Daily News readers with some really cool videos of Maine wildlife.

Today’s submission gives us a great look at a red fox that is determined to find some lunch.

On Nov. 4, Clowes was finishing a 2.3-mile walk at Howard Hill in Augusta, which is part of the Kennebec Land Trust, having reached the trailhead at the Effie L. Berry Conservation Area.

Rather than rely on her backyard game camera, this time Clowes relied on her new iPhone 13 Pro to capture the footage.

“I came upon an energetic red fox jumping around a newly mown field while hunting for his next meal,” Clowes said. “It looked to me like it might have caught something a few times.”

Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife furbearer biologist Shevenell Webb said red foxes have developed a unique hunting style, as shown in the video.

“They have excellent hearing and slowly stalk their prey, lifting their head when prey is detected, and get in position to bound several feet off the ground, striking their prey with their front paws and dispatching with a bite,” said Webb, who observed the behavior took place in freshly mowed field.

“Those pounces are meant to stun and capture prey,” she said. “Red foxes are commonly seen around large fields hunting small mammals, but they also eat fruits, birds, grasshoppers and snowshoe hare.”

Clowes extolled the virtues of Howard Hill as a hiking location, pointing to its numerous intersecting trails and views of the capital building and other features.

“In close proximity to the field, I have come upon possibly the same red fox a couple more times crossing the trail right in front of me,” Clowes said. “It’s a gorgeous animal, with thick and healthy looking fur. Seeing it pouncing for prey and recording it on a video was a good memory of a perfect fall day in Maine.”

Many thanks again to Rose Clowes for her video, along with previous submissions including this footage of a white-tailed doe asserting its dominance, a video showing a raccoon scurrying to escape a fox, and a photo from last winter of a fisher on the prowl.

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