In this Sept. 22, 2021, file photo, a pedestrian passes by a Paul Bunyan mural on Central Street in Bangor. Credit: Linda Coan O'Kresik / BDN

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Earlier this month, Dec. 7 to be exact, I spent my day moving from a house in Hampden to a house in Bangor. Appropriate for the date, it will be infamous for me and my wife. During one of those marathon shuttle runs that accompanies every move, I forgot to close the tailgate on my truck and I lost two plastic totes full of my wife’s treasured childhood memories somewhere on the road. Nothing in those totes were valuable by societal standards, but they were priceless to my spouse.

Along with the loss of those containers that date, I too lost something. I lost my wife’s faith and confidence in me, because of my initial carelessness and my inability to recover her memories. But, in addition, I lost my faith in some of the people in the community. When I initially discovered the loss, I just knew that the people in this area would track me down and return the items. That was not the case. So, I reported the loss to three police departments and I made the loss (and a sizeable reward) known on all the major social media sites. What did I get in return? Snide comments from trolls about selling me a doghouse to sleep in, comments shaming me about not securing my load and one fraudster trying to swindle me out of the reward money.

I need my faith restored. There is still a sizable reward, no questions asked.

Kevin Rice