In this Nov. 18, 2021, file photo, a man browses largely empty shelves for cat food at Pet Club in Emeryville, California. Credit: Noah Berger / AP

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Does no one in the newsroom have cats that eat wet cat food made from chicken? It is scarcer than toilet paper and yeast were a year ago.

I’d like to see a focused story on and including: chicken processing plants, people who do the processing, how it is distributed through to the retail supermarkets, how pet shelters are affected and what to expect.

I am a dedicated BDN print reader. I want to say the ritual that surrounds the paper is a truly important part of my day. Beyond that — even though I am almost never up when Bonnie tosses it onto my steps, I sense the human connection between the paper being delivered and me picking it up that doesn’t exist electronically.

Sheila Stratton