Animals such as red foxes are sometimes challenged by Maine’s winter weather to find their next meal.

Barbara Acosta saw the result of this phenomenon recently while looking out her window. She was kind enough to submit a video and a couple of photos.

Acosta describes the animal she saw patrolling the river bank.

“This was one of four foxes playing along the shore of the Jordan River in Trenton last week,” Acosta said.

Her video shows the fox trit-trotting along the shoreline.

In the photos, the fluffy fox appears to have successfully hunted some prey for a meal.

“Looks like this one was enjoying a mouse for breakfast, nicely served up on ice,” Acosta said.

She has been treated by fox sightings in the past.

“I see them every once in a while from my back window and imagine they must live in the woods behind my house,” Acosta said.

Many thanks to Barbara for sharing the video and photos!

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Correction: The headline on a previous version of this story incorrectly listed the name of the river on which the fox was seen.

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