PORTLAND — The MEMIC Group has named TNT Road Company Inc. to its annual list of MEMIC Award winners in recognition of its achievements in safety excellence.

Established in 1987, TNT Road Company offers comprehensive logging and forest management services for landowners of all sizes and is Master Logger Certified.  The company also offers grinding and chipping of all species of wood, and transports biomass and softwood chips to mills in Aroostook County and nearby Canada.

The company was recognized with a MEMIC Award for Excellence in Safety for making workforce safety part of its culture and demonstrating continuous education and employee involvement to prevent on-the-job injuries. Participation in safety workshops, on-site training, pre-project safety planning, ergonomic assessments, and material handling practices are just part of the foundation for award consideration.

“TNT Road Company’s culture of safety is an example for all our policyholders, and for their entire industry,” said The MEMIC Group President and CEO Michael Bourque. “We’re proud to partner with the people at TNT to make it a consistently safer and more productive place to work.”

MEMIC Safety Management Consultant Daniel Clark said TNT has worked on improving safety through engineering and administrative controls for years.

“[Owners] Steve and Terry [Theriault] have developed numerous policies and best practices with a strong focus on injury prevention,” Clark said, noting recent investments in equipment meant to eliminate fall hazards from trucks and various tarping systems that could reduce climbing on trailers and other strenuous activities.

Clark noted TNT employees are involved in day-to-day safety activities and participate in multiple training sessions per year. 

“The owners care about their employees,” Clark said. “They understand managing safety leads to fewer of their valuable employees being hurt. And they want them to be safe in the workplace, which can be challenging in woods operations and trucking.”

TNT Road Company Inc. is one of only six employers insured by The MEMIC Group to be recognized in 2021 for its consistent workforce safety practices and outstanding results. MEMIC provides workers’ compensation insurance for more than 22,000 employers from Maine to Florida.

The MEMIC Awards were established in 1994 as part of its annual review of policyholders’ work to instill a culture of workforce safety and to celebrate best practices in protecting workers from injury.