In this November 2021 file photo, Bangor Community Relations Officer Elizabeth Ashe and Torelin Jager, the city’s homeless outreach case worker (right), walk through the homeless encampment under the Interstate 395 bridge. Credit: Linda Coan O'Kresik / BDN

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I’m a student at the Ecology Learning Center in Unity. Recently, the Bangor Daily News posted an article about how Bangor wanted people to leave their homeless camp under the I-395 bridge in Bangor and the city’s decision to kick the homeless out by Dec. 1.

One thing I learned is that some homeless people come from out of state. I think they should move back to their home state because in many parts of the country there’s better weather for the homeless. If I were homeless I would probably move out of Maine because at night it gets really cold. I also think that there are more available jobs and better-paying jobs all around the country.

I think that the homeless should move out from Maine because other states have better-paying and available jobs in different locations.

Dylan Shibles