In this Feb. 21, 2012, file photo, Penquis Lynx bus driver Ronald Cote buckles Sandra Rocco of Bangor and her wheelchair in place after she used a chair lift to board the bus for her departure from Penquis in Bangor. Credit: John Clarke Russ / BDN

A charitable foundation in Maine is giving out a series of grants to help with transportation for older residents of the state.

Maine has one of the oldest median ages in the country. The Maine Community Foundation said programs that help older residents with transportation will receive more than $140,000.

The foundation said the grants would help with services such as volunteer transportation programs and food delivery. The grants will be especially helpful in rural parts of the state, the foundation said.

One grant, for $5,000, will go to Eastern Maine Development Corporation of Bangor to create alternatives to traditional travel to improve rural transportation, the foundation said. Another, for $3,700, is slated to go to Age Friendly Saco to create an on-demand pilot transportation, the foundation said.