Joe Gallant has a bit of a dilemma.

He is fortunate to have a home on 60 acres in Parkman, where there are plenty of deer and other wildlife.

What he doesn’t have, as the athletics administrator and a physical education teacher at Piscataquis Community High School in Guilford, is the opportunity to do much deer hunting in the fall.

“I have given up hunting since I do not have the time anymore with the schedule that I have,” Gallant said.

Instead, Gallant recently did a little offseason shooting from his house — using the camera on his phone.

Gallant graciously sent along today’s video, which shows two of the deer that live on or near his property. The larger buck sports a set of antlers featuring 16 points.

“This is by far the biggest buck that I have ever seen in my backyard in the 25 years that I have lived here,” Gallant said. “I have had many over the years, but this one by far has had the most impressive rack ever, 16 points.”

The deer with the fancy antlers was captured on video visiting the house with a smaller buck. The animals — clearly aren’t aware of Gallant’s inability to get out and hunt — do know it might be worth showing up.

The deer came to take advantage of food that had been placed for them.

“We have only seen him by feeding him,” Gallant said.

He estimates the larger buck in the video weighs approximately 170-180 pounds. And anecdotal evidence from the area suggests the nifty 16-pointer might have the nicest rack around.

“There have been a few more deer with bigger racks, but not with so many points, recorded at our local store — bigger beams, but not so many points,” Gallant said.

Thanks, Joe, for sending in the video!

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