NEWTON, Massachusetts — Daphne Wallace-Murphy, a Lasell University student from Orono, participated in the institution’s annual Career Readiness Symposium.

Wallace-Murphy did live pottery sculpting demonstrations throughout the day. The presentation incorporated the NACE competency of career & self-development.

Wallace-Murphy also presented original clay figure sculptures as part of a class exhibit, “This is Me: Self Reflections in Clay.” Professor Deborah Baldizar said, “The students in this course created thought-provoking ceramic work that addresses topics such as portraiture beyond mere likeness and what it means to be human using animals and objects as metaphor.”

Lasell’s Career Readiness Symposium takes place every fall and asks students to present original research, projects, or field skills that align with core career competencies shared by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Part of the Symposium’s goal is to collectively assist students in identifying and pursuing opportunities that allow them to become proficient in those areas as preparation for successful transitions into the workplace.