The  arrival of the rare Steller’s sea eagle in Maine has caused quite a stir among bird-watching aficionados.

The massive bird from Siberia has spent the last few weeks chilling along the coast, first in Georgetown, then in Boothbay Harbor.

Today, Bangor Daily News readers who haven’t headed down in the hope of catching a glimpse of the bird can sit back and do so here.

Steven Ditzler generously provided today’s video of the Steller’s sea eagle, which he took in Boothbay. It shows the bird having a meal while sitting in a treetop.

Steve shares a compelling account of his Jan. 14 sighting, which includes a description of how the Steller’s sea eagle wound up with what appears to be a duck dinner.

“I believe the Steller’s took the meal away from a bald eagle,” Ditzler said. “I had seen two bald eagles flying from around the [Maine State] Aquarium area across the water toward Spruce Point, one of which was holding the presumed duck.”

Next thing Ditzler knew, the Steller’s sea eagle was in hot pursuit of the bald eagle carrying the duck.

“They flew overhead so I followed the birds around the point and saw the bald eagle, who previously had the duck perched in a tree, without the meal,” Ditzler said. “I could hear crows calling out and mobbing closer to the coast and went toward the noise.”

With crows dive-bombing the Steller’s as it ate the duck, the bald eagle looked on from some 100 feet away.

“Not 100 percent confirmed the Steller’s was eating the same prey item, but I think it’s highly likely, given the proximity of the bald eagle that previously had the meal,” Ditzler said.

Another birder provided an update Friday on the latest involving the Steller’s sea eagle. After not being seen for a couple of days, it reappeared on Friday.

The bird was spotted in Bristol, where it was viewed by many from Fort William Henry in the Pemaquid Beach area.

So, if you haven’t seen the Steller’s sea eagle, you may still have the opportunity — if you can handle the cold.

Many thanks to Steven Ditzler for providing the awesome video of the Steller’s sea eagle!

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