In this April 23, 2021, file photo, an oil tanker owned by Irving Oil is pushed towards a dock by tugboats in South Portland. Credit: Robert F. Bukaty / AP

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We want to commend the students of King Middle School in Portland and their teachers for the thought-provoking, well-written and carefully researched letters they recently submitted to the Bangor Daily News on a variety of topics of concern about the world in which they will grow to adulthood.

It gives us great hope that they will be able to succeed where we failed — to act on climate change in a timely manner, to respect and show kindness to others based on our common humanity, and to turn away from the materialism and lust for power that has impeded our ability to do the hard work required to solve these problems.

Thank you to them for the serious messages that their letters convey and for restoring our hope for a future filled with promise.

Ron and Shirley Jarvella