It’s hard to predict what this year’s flu season will be like with the Centers for Disease Control reporting historically low flu rates during last year’s COVID-19 lockdown. Flu activity peaks between December and February, but activity can last as late as May.

“The CDC offers great preventative actions that can help stop the spread of germs, including avoiding close contact with people who are sick, washing our hands often with soap and water and keeping surfaces like smartphones clean,” said Tabatha McKay, area vice president/general manager for UScellular in New England. “Whether it’s getting the latest news on the flu in Maine or hopping on a telehealth appointment, our smartphones, like the new iPhone 13 Pro, can help us access information in real time.”

To help you weather this cold and flu season, UScellular offers the following advice to help you keep track of the flu in Maine and steps you can take to stay healthy.

• Clean your devices. Keeping surfaces clean, like smartphones and other handheld devices is important. Cleaning smartphones with the Case-Mate CLEANSCREENZ Phone Cleaning Wipes will leave any device 99% germ-free and streak-free.

• Weekly Flu Updates. The CDC offers a weekly update called Fluview, that lets you know if the flu is active where you live or wherever you may be traveling so you can take additional precautions. Flu Near You is also a great resource that lets individuals report symptoms in real-time, with thousands of individuals reporting across the country if they feel good or under the weather on a daily basis.

• Skip the Waiting Room. Telehealth medicine has been around for a while, but the pandemic has really brought it mainstream. Apps like Teladoc, are a great option for people feeling under the weather with cold and flu symptoms. A virtual visit can help determine if you need additional care or testing or just a few days in bed with a good book and a cup of tea. Doctors on Demand is another great option for consumers. With 24/7 access and covered by most insurance companies, telehealth appointments keep you out of the waiting room and keep you from spreading or receiving unwanted germs.

• Cold, Flu or COVID-19? While all three are respiratory illnesses, the flu and COVID-19 spread more easily than the common cold and can be more severe. Your wireless device can help you determine what you may have and help you find the closest testing center either by going to the CDC website or the Maine COVID-19 Response website.

UScellular cares about the health and safety of its customers and associates. The company offers in-store hand sanitizer stations, plexiglass safety barriers at customer service areas, curb-side pickup, and online shopping.

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