Todd Nadeau, executive director of the Maine chapter of the American Red Cross, and Jordyn Bray, a fifth-grader at Ellsworth Elementary-Middle School, load up an SUV with dozens of boxes of donations for victims of Superstorm Sandy. Credit: Mario Moretto / BDN

Some areas of Maine are in dire need of volunteers for the American Red Cross.

Amid the surge of winter house fires, areas like Cumberland County need assistance within their disaster action teams. Volunteers will help people through disasters by making sure they have the resources needed to get their lives back on track.

The Red Cross said if you’re willing to help, there’s a role for you.

“The volunteers that run our system are the most important resource we have,” American Red Cross Senior Volunteer Recruitment Specialist Paula Coyle said. “We can’t meet the need without them. I just hope some of the folks that think ‘Well, someone else will do it,’ might just raise a hand or look into it to see if there’s a role that might fit for them.”

There are also virtual roles available for those who would rather stay home, the Red Cross said.