Marsh Island, home to the University of Maine, provides good habitat for white-tailed deer.

The animals can frequently be seen in the large field along College Avenue in Orono and in the open areas near Old Town Elementary School off Stillwater Avenue.

Deer on Marsh Island thrive because there’s not much hunting. Hunting with firearms is not allowed there, although it is legal to target deer during the bow hunting seasons.

Perhaps it is no surprise, then, that some nice deer show up on trail cameras on the island located between the Penobscot and Stillwater rivers.

Today’s video submission by Barak Gurney of Old Town is a great example.

“My lot backs up to land owned by the university, so game is plentiful,” Gurney said. “I also have game cameras on my house and a couple of Arlo game cameras. I put that combination to good use.”

Gurney’s video features a Nov. 14, 2021, nighttime visit to a trail camera by a mature buck that’s sporting some serious headgear. It appears the antlers have 13 points, including a group of three smaller ones on the deer’s right beam.

Perhaps the coolest part of this video comes near the end of the short clip. The buck exhales twice and the condensation is visible on camera, just before the buck wheels around and heads off into the night.

“I’m a 77-year-old avid deer hunter and have an appreciation for game of all types,” said Gurney, who has been fortunate to capture a variety of animals on his cameras.

“I have deer, coyote, fox, porcupine, squirrel and chickadee,” he said.

Thanks to Barak for sharing this up-close look at a gorgeous Maine white-tailed buck!

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