PORTLAND — St. Brigid School (pre-K through grade 8) in Portland is pleased to announce it is the recipient of a major gift from longtime school benefactors Craig and Dolly Foster. In gratitude, the school has named its gymnasium The Craig and Dolly Foster Gymnasium.

“This generous gift will impact our community, students, faculty, and facilities for many years to come,” said William Burke, principal of St. Brigid. “We are honored to have Craig and Dolly’s name on our gymnasium. Their generosity is an example to all of us, and this will be a constant reminder to our community to be people for others.”

Craig and Dolly are residents of Portland, attend the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, and currently have two grandchildren attending St. Brigid School. The Fosters are strong supporters of Catholic education in Maine and many other Catholic organizations and programs.

This gift will allow St. Brigid School to update, renovate, and improve the building the gymnasium is housed in and will also allow St. Brigid School to update its athletic and physical education equipment.

St. Brigid School opened as the consolidated school of St. Joseph and St. Patrick Schools in September of 2007. The name celebrates the historical legacies of both schools, which were founded by the Sisters of Mercy. Following the vision of the Sisters of Mercy, St. Brigid School works to educate children, model the teachings of Jesus, and allow opportunities for students to serve those in need.

“St. Brigid School nurtures and supports the whole child through play, child-centered educational experiences, and age-appropriate curriculum, field trips, and service opportunities,” said Burke. “This builds self-confidence, self-awareness, and communication skills which are vital to a child`s development.”

For more information about the school, visit www.sbrigids.com.