In this Aug. 30, 2000, file photo, commuters walk into a tunnel at Los Angeles' Amtrak-Metrolink Union Station under the mural "City of Dreams/River of History" by artist Richard Wyatt, showing the diversity of California's population. Credit: Damian Dovarganes / AP

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Stop, stop, stop making the usual conversations that sometimes mention other groups of people, such as Blacks, whites, Jews, Christians, Indians, Africans, even Inuit, or whatever, as if they were as different, or usually, of lesser quality.

We know that this isn’t necessarily true, but our habits of talking negatively in self-satisfying generalizations perpetually gives us the wrong image.

I know that such talk is misjudgment, because my busy flying years in the Air Force took me to a lot of continents and countries over the years where I met and talked to many crewmen and civilians, and realized that they were all family-oriented, responsible and nice citizens.

So, now, listen. Prejudice of any kind is not just nasty, it also cheats us of their friendship.

This subject is of important consideration and should be made an issue for us all. Please pass it on to others, perhaps even by cutting it out of the paper and sending copies to others.

Roy Martin