Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley arrives to speak during a media briefing at the Pentagon, Friday, Jan. 28, 2022, in Washington. Credit: Alex Brandon / AP

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Where are the leaders of our armed forces? Gen. Mark Milley confirmed to the American people last year he had contacted his counterpart in China, not once but twice, about nuclear weapons of the U.S. and how he would let them know if then-President Donald Trump intended to launch a first strike. My understanding of the chain of command is he, Milley, would be guilty of insubordination at a minimum and possibly a treasonous act. Why no punishment after the fact came out?

Has he since been in contact with his counterpart in Russia, allowing Vladimir Putin advanced knowledge of U.S. plans? I find it unbelievable he is still in the position as head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. When will the current “regime” step up and start enforcing the laws of our country before it is no more?

Larry Davenport

Fort Fairfield