After a two-year COVID hiatus, the Penobscot Bay Stewards Program is now planning to host a new cohort of 20 promising environmental volunteers this spring. This is a perfect way for concerned newcomers to learn about this region and discover how they can help keep it healthy. The program consists of about 10 days of meetings and field trips to many interesting locations throughout the Penobscot Bay region. Many participants report making lasting friendships during the program!

For over 20 years, the Penobscot Bay Stewards Program has provided inspiration, facilitation and education to hundreds of participants who have learned about the Penobscot Bay and its watershed. Many of these participants have taken what they learned in the Program and have made significant contributions to the health of the Penobscot Bay watershed region. Penobscot Bay Stewards alumni have a distinguished record of affecting change and developing programs that have contributed greatly to the health of the Bay. Alumni organized the Belfast Bay Watershed Coalition, successfully led the Ban the Bag campaign that prohibited the use of single use plastic bags in Belfast, initiated the Butts Be Gone campaign that has resulted in collecting and recycling cigarette butts that littered the streets of Belfast, and are leading organizers of the Keep Belfast Maine Beautiful campaign.

As before, participants will become familiar with the Penobscot Bay watershed, learn about the diversity of marine and terrestrial ecosystems and the factors that affect their health and sustainability, interact with the organizations and individuals active in working to improve the quality of the watershed, and learn how they can become involved in those efforts. The need to revamp the program to accommodate safety concerns has also provided the opportunity for the Steering Committee to consider other changes that can make a great program even better.

If you are interested in participating in this enlightening and rewarding program, you can apply online at or contact for more information.