A Ukrainian woman holds a sign reading "Stop Putin, Stop the war, Help" as a young man holds a Ukrainian flag Saturday during a demonstration in solidarity with the Ukrainian people in Bayonne, southwestern France. Credit: Bob Edme / AP

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So far, nothing has deterred Vladimir Putin from further escalating his attack on Ukraine with horrific humanitarian impacts. Meanwhile, the sanctions on Russia and Putin will have severe economic and other effects on the rest of the world. The world will have no choice but to adapt to this global crisis.

Why not build on this adaptation by reorganizing global economics and relationships, excluding Russia from all of it? From the perspective of the rest of the world, Russia and Putin would no longer exist. This would be a very tough negotiation with China and its allies. The impact on Russian citizens would be bad, so all countries would need to open borders to accept Russians who decide to leave their country. Should Russia ever establish a stable democracy, the world could recognize this new, democratic country. A pie in the sky idea, but why let Russia and Putin continue to bully the world?

Jo Myers