A raccoon gets caught on a trail camera peeking into a door. Credit: Courtesy of Joan Perkins

Joan Perkins said she is accustomed to having some animal traffic on the porch at her home in Cutler.

However, it was a different visitor that came around one night last week to see what it could find.

“We have several flying squirrels that visit the porch for peanuts in the evening and sometimes we forget to take the dish in before we go to bed,” Perkins said in setting the stage for today’s trail camera submission.

Recently, that’s exactly what happened. And the oversight apparently met with the approval of another hungry forest creature.

A raccoon came by to take advantage of the free food, then appears to have taken the initiative to see whether it might be able to get another helping.

“Although it is clear that this is a raccoon, I thought the capture of him/her looking in a glass door (and staring at his/her reflection) might be of interest,” Perkins said of the photo of the critter.

The raccoon looks every bit a bandit — given its black mask and all — as it peers through the glass door and into the home.

Thanks, Joan, for sharing your photo of the hungry raccoon!

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