Gas prices are displayed at a gas station in Long Beach, Calif., Wednesday, March 9, 2022. The average price for a gallon of gasoline in the U.S. hit a record $4.17 on Tuesday as the country prepares to ban Russian oil imports. Credit: Ashley Landis / AP

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As an average middle class American, I have some questions I’d like answered. Understanding and sympathizing with what’s happening in Ukraine, why is it that any time a crisis surfaces, American big oil and corporate America profits seem to double?

We only get a small amount of oil from Russia, so why can’t we simply buy more from our other sources (Canada, Saudi Arabia, South America)? How is it that the price for gasoline that has been in gas station tanks for weeks — gas we paid 40 cents less for days ago — is immediately raised when the news breaks to “expect increases.” We might understand new deliveries, but gas already in station tanks should not be affected. For that matter, there is already oil in those tanks in American ports, so why the immediate extreme price increases for gas that has been in storage for months. My answer: Greed!

How is it that shipping and trucking costs are again raised, even though they never seemed to come down when gas prices came down? Finally, we’ve had the  technology in place for decades, to convert all of our cars and trucks to natural gas, propane, methane or hydrogen — affordable conversions that would take one day with parts in place, and would be a lot more affordable than buying an electric vehicle. I think it would create millions of jobs converting gas stations and auto repair shops, plus we could finally help our climate issue. So? Try to get an answer, I’ve been trying for 20 years. Good luck!

Doug Davis