Courtesy of Skowhegan Regional Chamber of Commerce

SKOWHEGAN – The Skowhegan Regional Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce its positive growth through the recent transition period. By bolstering its board of directors, adding committees, and growing its membership base, the Chamber is in an even better position to represent, support, and help develop new and existing businesses in the Skowhegan region. 

In light of the recent executive director’s resignation, the board has focused on not only maintaining the effectiveness of the Chamber, but its growth. Understanding the importance of the Chamber’s role in the community, previous board members, Jeff Peterson, owner of KOA in Cannan, Derek Rossignol, biomedical technician at Dialysis Clinic Inc., and Luke York, operations manager at 201 Service, along with Julia Turner, the membership and events coordinator, have maintained continuity within the Chamber and welcomed change to help support their ultimate goal – to better promote and support the regional business community.   

In the spirit of collaboration, the economic revitalization of the area, and the constantly evolving global business climate, the current Chamber celebrates its openness, transparency, and willingness to work with all stakeholders in the region. 

The Chamber’s first goal was to grow the board – finding new board members with specific skills and backgrounds while expanding the Chamber network within our diverse business community.   

New board members include  Bayley Hayden, manager of York Signs in Skowhegan. Sam Hight, part-owner of the Hight Family of Dealerships in central and western Maine. Ryan Rutledge, lawyer at Mills, Shay, Lexier, and Talbot in Skowhegan. Dan Tilton, SVP at Skowhegan Savings Bank in Skowhegan. Reid Gibson, owner, Animal Medical Clinic in Skowhegan. Kayla Bess, sales and marketing director, Maine Grains in Skowhegan. Jennifer Hight, CPA, OneRiver in Oakland. And Bethany Shalit, director of education at Redington Fairview General Hospital. 

The current officers are as follows: Luke York, chair of the board, Derek Rossignol, vice chair of the board, Jeff Peterson, treasurer, and Bayley Hayden, secretary. 

Each board member will have new roles on committees that will recruit outside members and volunteers to help steer the Chamber. These committees include, By Laws, Marketing and Membership, Events, Finance, and Legislative and Policy. With the expansion of these committees, the Chamber will be more representative of the business community along with meeting its needs.   

The Chamber is also capitalizing on the efforts of Turner in growing its membership base.  The Chamber has recently welcomed The Bankery and Skowhegan Fleuriste, Bigelow Brewing Company, Curb Appeal Handyman Services, Lovejoy & Associates, Damon’s Beverage Mart, Wentworth Partners & Associates, and Bait, Bolts & Bullets.   

The Chamber will continue to host community events to promote our area, including the nationally recognized Central Maine BBQ Cookoff, Moonlight madness, Riverfest, the Chamber Golf Classic, the Festival of Trees, and the Chamber Annual Awards banquet. For more information on dates and ways to participate, please visit us at

The transition period within the Chamber is not going to come without challenges. We appreciate the support of the community, our members, and other economic development agencies.  Skowhegan Economic Development Corporation, Somerset Economic Development Corporation, Main Street Skowhegan, the Mid-Maine Chamber and the Town of Skowhegan have all offered to help collaborate and support the Chamber and our initiatives.   

As the Chamber highlights its transparency and willingness to work with all of the champions of positive growth in the area, we look forward to input from not only its members, but all of our neighbors.   

The Chamber is confident that by expanding our board, our committees and initiatives, and our members, we will be able to better serve the entire region – businesses, members, neighbors, volunteers, and the greater public. 

The Chamber also looks forward to finding a new executive director. Once the foundation has been built through this transition period, the Chamber will begin a search for the right candidate.  We will look forward to input from our members and the greater community to find the best fit for the job that will represent the Chamber’s mission – working together to make the Skowhegan Area the best place for businesses and people to thrive. 

We thank everyone for your support and we look forward to working with you all towards the common good – to support and provide a better place to live and work in the Skowhegan Region. 

Skowhegan Regional Chamber of Commerce – With a focus on long term sustainability and business growth, the Chamber focuses on regional projects and objectives that help bring new businesses and more people to our region. We work together to make the Skowhegan Area the best place for businesses and people to thrive.