Johanna Davis and Adam Nordell, who own Songbird Farm in Unity, are trying to figure out next steps after finding out that their land has been contaminated with "forever chemicals." Credit: Abigail Curtis / BDN

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I’m writing to strongly encourage support for LD 2013, currently before the Maine Legislature. The bill is designed to give financial support to farms affected by municipal PFAS contamination. The farmer support is critical to save the livelihoods of the many farmers who find themselves owners of land contaminated by past programs of municipal sludge “fertilization.”

Maine has one of the largest percentages of young farmers in the entire U.S. We’re blessed that these young farmers have literally put down roots in our state. Sadly, many of those affected are the very same young farmers who have come to Maine to literally grow our economy. We need to help save their farms and their livelihoods. Please support LD 2013.

Mary Warner