Where Allie Ladd lives in western Maine, there is still some relatively unspoiled wilderness.

That makes the area the perfect spot to observe wildlife, including one of the state’s most majestic inhabitants.

Ladd, who resides in Byron, has spent a lot of time in the woods during his lifetime. In recent years, he has developed a real knack for capturing creatures on his trail cameras.

Today’s video is a testament to what Ladd has learned about getting Canada lynx into camera range.

In this case, Ladd’s footage comes with the aid of using some skillfully placed bait: pieces of a roadkill deer carcass.

There are two videos, the first of which shows a lynx trying to pull meat from a deer leg that Ladd suspended from a tree.

One of the most compelling elements of that scene is the lynx’s enormous paws, with which it grips the tree in order to take bites of the meat.

In the second, and slightly more graphic, video, a lynx is shown behaving something like a house cat in a litter box. It carefully paws at the snow, attempting to cover up the deer carcass.

In 2000, Canada lynx were federally listed as threatened back in Maine and 13 other states due to inadequate forest management on federal lands.

A hearty thank you to Allie Ladd for the wonderful videos!

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