Firefighters from Mount Desert Island spray water on a burning building at the Bluenose Inn on Eden Street in Bar Harbor on Thursday, Feb. 10, 2022. The building, which contained 45 guests rooms, partly collapsed and is considered a complete loss. The inn is closed for the winter and no one was hurt. Credit: Bill Trotter / BDN

The fire that destroyed the annex building of the Bluenose Inn in Bar Harbor started due to an electrical issue, an investigation has found.

The fire on Feb. 10 engulfed the building, and firefighters were on the scene for around 21 hours battling the blaze, according to Shannon Moss, a spokesperson for the Maine Department of Public Safety.

Adding to the damage was the fact that the sprinkler system had been shut off prior to the start of the blaze, Moss said.

No employees or firefighters were injured, although the annex building of the Bluenose Inn collapsed after the fire tore through its roof. The inn was closed for the winter when the fire broke out.

The main building, which is located across the road from the annex building, was not damaged.

The main building burned down in March 1994, when it was closed for the winter, and was later rebuilt. That fire was caused by a propane heater in the basement of the building.

The loss of the annex building, which contained 45 guest rooms, is estimated to amount to approximately $10 million in damages, Moss said.

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Leela Stockley

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