Cole (Ted Gibson) prepares to play hockey as his parents, Cindy (Jenny Hart) and Darryl (Allen Adams), and his younger self (Miles Green-Hamann and Michael Melia II) watch in Penobscot Theatre Co.'s production of "Hockey Mom" at the Bangor Opera House. Credit: Courtesy of Bill Kuykendall

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Judy Harrison does a decent enough job for the BDN when she reports on crime and justice. However, I’ve been consistently disappointed in her drama reviews, e.g., her recent review of the latest Penobscot Theatre Company production, “Hockey Mom.”

Comments, like, “. . it is not clear how the audience is supposed to feel about Cindy, and the ending is too ambiguous,” suggest to me that Harrison is not yet aware of the heart of great literature and drama. For instance, over 400 years after Shakespeare penned Hamlet, the ambiguities of Hamlet’s actions remain unresolved (e.g., is Hamlet a relativist, an existentialist, a skeptic?). Each reader/viewer draws their own conclusions. Everyone I’ve spoken to about “Hockey Mom” has enjoyed it immensely, recounting how sports did or didn’t envelop their families, how parent-child relations change over time, etc.

Travis Baker can be proud of his work. To me Harrison’s comments felt snarky and sophomoric. I would welcome the BDN finding a more empathic, thoughtful and nuanced drama critic.

Tom White-Hassler