Allie Ladd has done it again.

The wildlife enthusiast from Byron continues to capture some amazing footage of animals in western Maine.

Today’s offering features another unique view of a Canada lynx. Ladd again exhibits his knack for finding the perfect camera placement to capture this cool footage.

The video shows a lynx walking slowly along the edge of a pond, just feet from an area of open water near the shore. Ladd undoubtedly has left a tempting treat for the cat somewhere nearby.

Earlier this year, we published one of his videos that showed a lynx snacking on the leg of a roadkill deer that he had tethered to a tree.

Again, a well-placed snack for the animal resulted in a visual delight for the rest of us.

Much appreciation to Allie Ladd for working so hard to preserve some special moments in the wild that we never would have seen without his tenacity and generosity!

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