The Good Life Center, home to Forest Farm, welcomes Nicole and Russ French of Milbridge, as the farm’s 2022 Resident Stewards. As Stewards, they will live on site, care for the property, give tours, and welcome guests to the home of homesteading icons Helen and Scott Nearing.

Nicole is a former registered nurse and wellness program manager who brings her passion for nature, yoga, and meditation to the Good Life Center residency. Russ is a human resource manager for Goodwill Industries. He brings home maintenance and gardening skills, as well as a keen interest in sharing his knowledge with the public. In addition, Nicole and Russ bring over 30 years of homeownership, vegetable and perennial gardening, a passion for healthy living and eating, and an interest in giving back to the land and people who have cared for it before them. They shared that they are “excited to live life at Forest Farm speed for the next several months and contribute their time, energy, and skills to the mission of this historic and important homestead.” They see the residency as an “incredible opportunity to experience the beauty of simple living.”

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