President Joe Biden speaks to the media before boarding Air Force One at Des Moines International Airport, in Des Moines Iowa, Tuesday, April 12, 2022, en route to Washington. Biden said that Russia's war in Ukraine amounted to a "genocide," accusing President Vladimir Putin of trying to "wipe out the idea of even being a Ukrainian." Credit: Carolyn Kaster / AP

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I believe the way President Joe Biden has responded to the Russia vs. Ukraine war has made us look weak. Russia seems to think they are stronger, smarter and superior to all countries and we should not stand for it. Vladimir Putin has put his nuclear forces on  high alert as a ploy to scare the rest of the world, and it worked. Everyone seems scared of the possibility of a nuclear war, including the United States.

When Russian nuclear forces went on high alert, Biden had a choice. The first choice was to match Russia’s move and put American forces into Defcon 3; this is when the Air Force rolls out bombers and prepares nuclear silos and submarines. Doing so would show that we as a country will not be threatened and do nothing. Instead he tried to deescalate the situation. Putin has made it clear that he wants the United States to back off. Putin even told his generals that he was acting because of the “aggressive comments” from the west about Ukraine.

This is America, we are supposed to be a powerful country that stands for no threats. Instead of showing our power and proving we are still a global powerhouse, our president and administration have cowered in the corner making us look weak. This is not what the United States of America stands for, and something needs to change.

Travis True