With the snow gone or receding across much of Maine, wildlife activity is picking up.

White-tailed deer, no longer forced to slog through deep snow while enduring frigid temperatures and increased threats from predators such as coyotes, are roaming the landscape in search of edible morsels as they wait for the spring greenery to emerge.

We have evidence that deer are ramping up their roamings with the help of another trail camera video from Barak Gurney.

No fewer than five deer are visible browsing as they walk past the birdhouse that has been the center of much wildlife and bird activity since it was erected late last year.

As an added bonus, also check out Gurney’s video of a nice buck. This one provides a great angle to appreciate the width of the antler spread and the length of the tines on the deer.

Thanks to Barak for his continued generosity in sharing wildlife videos with Bangor Daily News readers. Feel free to follow his lead as we always welcome interesting videos and photos of the Maine outdoors.

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Pete Warner

Pete graduated from Bangor High School in 1980 and earned a B.S. in Journalism (Advertising) from the University of Maine in 1986. He grew up fishing at his family's camp on Sebago Lake but didn't take...