Former Republican Gov. Paul LePage prepares to speak at a press conference on energy policy in Falmouth on Tuesday as part of his 2022 bid for governor. Credit: David Marino Jr. / BDN

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Disclaimer: This writer has no political party affiliation. It is sad, but not surprising, that Paul LePage has used the dark-side Republican ploy of claiming voter fraud before an election that has yet to take place. No real past proof has been offered. This tactic was used by Donald Trump in 2016 (likely to fall back on in case he lost), and we all know what happened in 2020. Trump and his people have filed over 40 lawsuits challenging that election while producing no evidence of widespread fraud.

Costly recounts, and recounts of recounts have also come up empty. If this tactic is to continue, all elections will become questionable, so all losers can deny their loss on the grounds of voter fraud, thus undermining and eventually destroying the system. The system could use reform if evidence of past significant fraud was found but the reality is this has not happened. Many new states’ voting laws have been passed to prevent fraud, even though none has been unearthed.

I think it is unfortunate that Maine Republicans could not come up with a more reasonable and respectable candidate for governor, one who will not contribute to the destruction of our system with his baseless claims, not to mention his past outrageous statements and behaviors.

It’s time for Republicans to move from their recent dark past and reshape themselves into the Grand Old Party they once were. I certainly don’t think that will happen with Paul LePage at the helm.

David Mahoney