St. Peter's Doug Edert celebrates after defeating Monmouth in an NCAA college basketball game during the championship of the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference tournament, Saturday, March 12, 2022, in Atlantic City, N.J. Credit: Matt Rourke / AP

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After many years, NCAA athletes are finally able to receive compensation for what they do. Although the NCAA doesn’t pay them, they are now able to receive money through their name, image and likeness (NIL). This is one of the best things that has ever happened for NCAA student-athletes.

They have to go to class just like everyone else, and they also have to cram in games and practices. Not every student athlete is destined for the draft, but they still have the same time commitment, in addition to having a job. For an example of a student not destined for the draft, look at NCAA tournament sensation Doug Edert, of the 15 seed St. Peter’s, who got a  major NIL deal to make money, despite having a very unlikely shot of going to the NBA, just because he became a well known face overnight.

I believe this change will also lessen, or get rid of, the amount of scandals that top recruits go through when making decisions on where they will commit. This is because these highly sought after athletes weren’t allowed to accept money from coaches and others, but some   of them did, because they needed it just like everyone else.

Now, the athletes of today’s world will be making even more than the ones who did it “illegally,” because the NIL deal will allow for athletes to reap the benefits way more than previous students. Overall, this is the best thing for these young men and women.

Corey Butler