The Binghamton Rumble Ponies lived up to their name Thursday night during their Class AA Eastern League game against the Portland Sea Dogs as a brawl broke out between the two teams in the bottom of the third inning at Hadlock Field in Portland.

Rumble Ponies pitcher Marcel Renteria hit Sea Dogs first baseman Tyreque Reed in the hand with a pitch, and when Reed was trying to shake off the pain as he jogged to first base, Renteria apparently said something to Reed or to the umpire, possibly implying that the pitch actually hit the bat first.

Reed took exception to it and detoured to the mound where he landed a right hook to the face of Renteria, knocking the pitcher to the ground.

As the benches emptied, Renteria jumped up and tackled another Sea Dog player and in the ensuing scrum, suffered an injury and had to be attended by the training staff.

Reed and Binghamton third baseman Brett Baty were ejected and Justin Lasko replaced Renteria on the mound.