Maine Senate candidates, from left, Lisa Savage, Max Linn, Maine House Speaker Sara Gideon, and incumbent Sen. Susan Collins take part in the first debate at the Holiday Inn By The Bay, Friday, Sept. 11, 2020 in Portland, Maine. Credit: Brianna Soukup / AP

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I just read a column in the BDN from Jordan Wood of Bristol about a political forum and it got me to thinking. A “forum,” now that is an interesting proposal. How about the BDN open up a forum where any and all candidates from either party can personally answer or pose questions that address the problems, both perceived or actual, that are floating around.

Let them put forth to the general public their arguments or proposals to solve the problems we face in this state. Make it open to any and all constituents to ask questions and propose solutions or make suggestions. Take away the filters these candidates have in place in the form of secretaries or receptionists in their offices. Let the public see who is willing and able to answer their constituents and put in print their solutions.

A forum that doesn’t have to be Janet Mills vs. Paul LePage, or Jared Golden vs. Bruce Poliquin. One that will allow others who may wish to have their name and ideas put forth.

Thomas Bonner