In this Aug. 24, 2021, file photo an ambulance sits outside the emergency room at The Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu. Credit: Caleb Jones / AP

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We in Millinocket and surrounding communities are very fortunate to have dedicated and efficient first responders, EMTs, police and fire, etc. Most of us have insurance of one sort or another to cover the cost of services rendered. Just because we have insurance we must understand that not all services may be covered.

If the ambulance crew responds and there is no need to transport to the hospital, who is responsible for the cost? Senior citizens on a fixed income and insured by Medicare need to be aware of any surprise pop up expenses. In conversation with another senior, I was informed that he received a bill from the town for the cost of services rendered. Who receives the money paid by the citizen?

Many of us may feel that when we call for a “welfare check,” “lift assist,” or any service that it may be provided by the town or may be covered insurance wise or from the taxes we pay. I don’t expect to be “hand held” or “babysat,” but I do expect to be compensated for the years of taxes paid and/or insurance payments. If we are to be billed over and above our insurance and tax coverage, somehow, we the people should be made aware.

We the people are living under the pretense that our elected officials are looking out for our well being. That is the way it should be, and at one time used to be, but not any more it seems. We need people in office to bring common sense back into representing the people instead of the “special interest” groups.

Timothy Smyth