Early studies of male birth-control pill show promise (Dreamtime/TNS) Credit: Dreamtime / TNS

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I’d like to find a solution that works for all of us. My thought is this: “Stop the sperm.” There is information that there are pills in the making for males to take. It’s time to shift the responsibility to the male population. I say we move forward together with this approach.

Another thought is this: “If you gift it you get the baby!” Are the people who are against abortion all signed up to adopt unwanted babies? Think about the people in prison who once were babies and grew up unwanted, uncherished and became criminals with no concern for human lives. Each and everyone needs to be adored, cherished and loved. I’ll say it again, the new slogan ought to be, “Stop the Sperm!” Someone ought to make bumper stickers, T-shirts, and huge banners.

Ananur Forma