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Nature can be unforgiving.

Today’s trail camera video from Colin Chase of Gray is graphic and undeniable evidence of that dynamic.

The scene captured on video reveals Chase’s knack for scouting out a location for camera trapping, as the bobcat shown emerges from what appears to be a den in a large rock formation.

The cat clearly has heard or smelled the presence of another animal and comes out to investigate. It lines up its prey, then pounces on an unsuspecting mink that has wandered into its backyard.

The result, it appears, is that the bobcat subdues the mink and has it for lunch.

As Colin describes on the video, his camera was set to record 30-second clips, so he got no further footage of the kill.

“I’m like, ‘Hey, warning, this is graphic,’” Chase said of his note on the video. “There’s no blood or anything, but the bobcats, they’re brutal. It’s one animal I wouldn’t want to tangle with in the woods.”

Later in the day his camera captured two bobcats playing in front of the den while a light snow fell.

Thanks, Colin, for the compelling video! You can see more of his offerings by subscribing to the Maine Woodsbooger YouTube channel.

Pete Warner

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