Old Fort Western continues its “2022 The Year of the Fort” celebration with Four Forts, One Story an Archaeological Bus Tour. Come join the archaeologists who helped excavate each site on a day-long excursion on June 11.

Beginning at Fort Western at 9:15 a.m. the bus will head down river to Fort Richmond Park in Richmond. Once there, Dr. Leith Smith, MHPC historic archaeologist, will give a tour of the Fort Richmond (1721-1755) archaeological site. The next stop will be Pownalborough Court House in Dresden where Leon Cranmer, retired MHPC historic archaeologist, will give a tour of the Fort Frankfort/Shirley (1752-1759) archaeological site. The bus will then head to Augusta where Leon Cranmer, and Emerson Baker, history professor at Salem University, will share information on Fort Western’s (1754-1767) archaeological excavations. The last stop will be in Winslow where Leon Cranmer will give a tour of the Fort Halifax (1754-1766) archaeological site. Dr. Bruce Bourque, emeritus curator of archaeology at the Maine State Museum, and emeritus senior lecturer in anthropology at Bates College in Lewiston, will also be present. Early in Bruce’s career he worked on several of these fort sites. The bus will return to Fort Western at 4 p.m.

This tour coincides with Winslow’s Fort Halifax Days where there will be demonstrations, music, and vendors. This tour also coincides with Pownalborough Courthouse’s Living History Weekend, where the Colonial Maine Living History Association will be demonstrating 18th century skills and activities.  

Upon arriving, participants will be given a Fort passbook, and at each site they will receive an information card pertaining to that site to place into it. They will also be given passes to come back to Pownalborough Court House and Old Fort Western for more in-depth tours of the museums any day and time during their normal hours. Before leaving for Winslow, a choice of box lunches will be provided by Wrapped Up, in Augusta. The cost for this program is $50. Please call to register. Registration closes Friday, June 3 at 4 p.m. Go to www.oldfortwestern.org for registration materials and box lunch options. 

As a Father’s Day Special any books sold in the Old Fort Western gift shop with a military or archaeological theme will be 20 percent off retail price on the day of the event.  The following titles are available for purchase: “Our Beloved Kin,” Lisa Brooks; “The Swordfish Hunters,” Bruce Bourque; “Cushnoc: The History and Archaeology of Plymouth Colony Traders on the Kennebec,” and “History & Archaeology of Fort Halifax,” Leon Cranmer and Perlston Pert; “French & Indian Wars in Maine,” Mike Dekker; “Forts in Maine,” Harry Gratwick; “Of Sorts for Provincials,” Jim Mullins; and, “A Soldier~Like Way,” R.R. Gale.

Fort Western will reopen for tours on Saturday, May 28 for its 2022 season. Please go to www.oldfortwestern.org, call 207-626-2385, visit www.oldfortwestern.org, or Facebook at Old Fort Western – Augusta, Maine, to learn the Fort’s tour schedule and fees, and to learn more about other scheduled events. Fort Western is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to preserve, protect and interpret the National Historic Landmark, Fort, Store, and House located on the Kennebec River in Augusta, Maine.