This black bear is among three that paid an unexpected visit to Bob Duchesne's neighborhood recently. Mainers need to take daily precautions to avoid attracting the hungry animals at this time of year. Credit: Courtesy of Bob Duchesne

Today is Friday. Patches of fog will give way to mid-60s temperatures in the north and high 50s temperatures in the south with partly cloudy skies across the state. See what else is in store this weekend here. Here’s a closer look at our current gas prices.

Here’s what we’re talking about in Maine today.

The latest on the coronavirus in Maine

Another 791 coronavirus cases were reported across the state on Thursday, according to the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The statewide death toll remains at 2,337.

Paul LePage says Maine’s $850 relief checks will drive inflation

The former governor’s continued opposition to the checks has him standing apart from members of his own party in the State House.

A guide to your rights as a renter in Maine

In a severe housing crisis, many Maine renters do not have much to pick from and could find themselves in a difficult situation.

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PFAS linked to rising cases of liver disease in humans, scientists say

PFAS have been linked to liver damage, thyroid disease, decreased fertility, high cholesterol, obesity, hormone suppression and cancer.

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Mainer catches 2 endangered fish while vacationing in Florida

The smalltooth sawfish is so rare, there may be as many as 5,000 or as few as 200 of the endangered fish remaining in the world.

Next week’s trial in 2020 Down East triple homicide could extend into June

Thomas Bonfanti’s trial is expected to go at least two weeks with multiple witnesses being called by the state.

UMaine System Chancellor Malloy faces most serious test yet of his leadership

Dannel Malloy has faced votes of no confidence from faculty members at three of UMaine system’s seven universities since last week.

19th century navigation charts, Victorian hair wreaths and rescued flags help tell the stories of Searsport’s maritime heritage

Seafaring history is more than ships and sailors.

Houlton turns to Yankee ingenuity to keep pothole patches in place longer

Since springtime potholes can cost Maine towns thousands of dollars to maintain, the sidewalk machine roller could be a cost-cutting solution.

A small village was Maine’s most competitive place to buy a home in April

A village of 1,200 near the western shore of Sebago Lake is the most competitive place to buy a home in Maine, a recent study found.

Hampden softball pitcher has already struck out 136 batters this season

Hampden pitcher Danielle Masterson has struck out 136 hitters in 67 innings, an average of 2.03 strikeouts per inning.

Before you smoke the turkey you shot, follow this step to prevent dry meat

“I’ve yet to meet anyone who has turned their nose up to a beautiful lump of meat smoked to perfection with care and attention.”

Turning food scraps into a climate change-fighting business on the Blue Hill Peninsula

“If any rural community can get behind community composting, it’s the Blue Hill Peninsula.”

In other Maine news …

Rising costs have Old Town-area communities considering a regional ambulance service

Attorney for man accused of threatening to kill Jews asks if jurors can be impartial after Buffalo shooting

Winterport principal will become superintendent of Hampden-area schools

Maine removes LGBTQ teaching video assailed in Republican ad

Winterport principal will become superintendent of Hampden-area schools

Home sales dipped for 3rd month in a row as prices rose

I made a big mistake with my backyard bird feeder

Danielle Masterson strikes out 19 in Hampden softball’s shutout of Bangor

Alewives make return to Maine lake after 2-century absence

Mainers warned of hitchhiking browntail moth caterpillars