Travelers at St. Pancras International train station board the high speed Eurostar train to Paris in London on Saturday. Credit: Kelvin Chan / AP

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With all that is going wrong in this country, why is this extremely important and influential condition not being discussed? Throughout history almost all great countries have been brought down by this one situation: too much money in the hands of too few people.

Every time I watch a TV commercial asking for a donation to this or that charity, my first thought is, how many of our mega-rich multi-billionaires could afford to cover with one hundredth of one percent of their fortunes what one thousand low or middle class households could afford?

And even more important, how much do they spend influencing our political parties to keep their taxes less percentage-wise than regular working people? Again, the biggest problem in this country is too much money in the hands of too few people. It cannot be stated too often or too loudly.

Nicholas Fox