Abortion-rights protesters march through Mission Dolores Park on Saturday, May 14, 2022, in San Francisco. Credit: Noah Berger / AP

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Watching what’s going on today, I’m not being facetious when I ask: Why would any middle, or lower income American vote Republican?

Conservatives? They seem to focus on taking things away from poor and middle-class families. They oppose social programs like Medicare, Social Security, unemployment benefits, welfare, and yes,  affordable health care. They give tax breaks to billionaires while denying families a decent wage. They’re against unions.

Now their conservative Supreme Court is trying to take away family planning; a woman’s, family’s, right to choose. What right does this Supreme Court have, overturning another Supreme Court’s ruling made almost 50 years ago; a ruling supported by most Americans? And where are conservative concerns for that fetus once it takes its first breath, when a family needs health care assistance, or they have to place that child in foster care. People who abort a pregnancy suffer with that decision, it’s hard. And the irony? They are put in that position by decisions from the very party objecting to Roe v. Wade!

What’s next? Gay marriage? I believe these are hypocrites who claim to hate big government. What’s bigger government than this?

Deborah Arnold