ORONO — The University of Maine MBA program was highlighted by Fortune Magazine as one of the top five fastest-growing online programs in the country. The story is online.

The MaineMBA was formally launched in 2019 just before the pandemic from its foundational programs at the University of Maine and University of Southern Maine. Thus, it had a core of very strong and engaged MBA faculty in place.

The MBA is a STEM-certified MBA, so a very strong core, with a set of concentrations that could be taken. Offered online, in person and in a flexible format, it was a program of choice for many during the pandemic. As we come out of the COVID-19 period, we expect our enrollments to flatten.

A grant from the Harold Alfond Foundation, in part, helped to launch the MaineMBA and included resources to build the Graduate School of Business, where the MBA is housed in Portland, Maine. Dean Norm O’Reilly leads the UMaine Graduate School of Business that features faculty at the University of Maine and the University of Southern Maine offering business graduate programming for the state and beyond.

“The combination of our attributes, high rankings, world-class faculty, flexible formats/modalities and a very low price point for the quality offered gives us unique positioning,” O’Reilly told the magazine.