The Maine State House cupola pokes out of a fog bank rising from the Kennebec River on a chilly morning, Thursday, Oct. 7, 2021, in Augusta, Maine. Credit: Robert F. Bukaty / AP

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We’ve spent the last eight years representing our communities in Augusta, and it’s been the greatest honor of our lives. We’ve seen firsthand the kind of leadership that can succeed in Augusta, and we know Abe Furth is the kind of leader that will serve our community well. That’s why we are proud to endorse Abe Furth in the June 14 Democratic primary for the Maine Senate.

We support Furth because he represents everything we believe in — he will stop at nothing to protect a woman’s right to choose, be a steadfast champion of the environment, and fight for people’s right to healthcare. Most of all, he will give back to our community every day. In fact, he’s already started giving back to the community on this campaign. Since announcing his candidacy, rather than sticking to the same old tired politics, he’s focused on talking to neighbors and giving back to the community.

As the owner of multiple small businesses, including Orono Brewing Company, he’s continually given back to the community with sponsorships and events. He even raised thousands of dollars to buy hundreds of bicycles for at-need children. Too often, people run for office for personal gain and special interests, but it is abundantly clear that Furth is not that type of politician. Abe Furth is the kind of candidate that walks the walk and is running to give back to our community. Join us in voting for Abe Furth in the June 14 Democratic primary.

Sen. Jim Dill

House Majority Leader Michelle Dunphy

Old Town