A man is comforted by a Texas Department of Public Safety officer at a memorial outside Robb Elementary School created to honor the victims killed in last week's school shooting, Friday, June 3, 2022, in Uvalde, Texas. Credit: Eric Gay / AP

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School children have been killed before with no solution found to keep killers from getting the guns. Politicians provide talk saying that we need more money, better laws, gun control, etc.

If we can’t stop killers from getting guns, our schools need to be “hardened” with a single entry of double doors, and all other doors locked and monitored to alert the school authorities and local police when doors are open. While this is easy, the harder part is ensuring that the procedures are carried out continuously (in Texas, a back door may have been left unlocked).

Lastly, when killers gain access into the schools, they should be met by armed school employees who are veterans and are experienced with handguns (and/or employees willing to learn the use of guns). The schools would require a minimum number of employees to be armed and “at the ready” to defend the school.

As a veteran, I hope my town of Bucksport will become one of the first towns to implement “at the ready” procedures to safeguard our schools.

Gerry Hamburger


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