In this May 28, 2022, file photo, a gray squirrel, right, attacks a red squirrel after the smaller squirrel got too close to the gray squirrel's feeding area in Freeport. Credit: Robert F. Bukaty / AP

Today is Monday. Temperatures will be in the mid-60s to low 70s, with sunny skies throughout the state. See what weather is in store for the rest of the day here. Here’s the latest on gas prices in Maine. Here’s what we’re talking about in Maine today.

The latest on the coronavirus in Maine

Sixteen more Mainers have died and another 315 coronavirus cases reported across the state on Saturday, according to the Maine Center of Disease Control and Prevention. That brings the statewide death toll to 2,382. Check out our tracker for more information.

Maine cracked down on small-time meth makers, and major drug dealers moved in

Meth is as prevalent as ever in Maine, underscoring the challenges of stemming drug use through enforcement.

Piscataquis County has the state’s 2nd highest fatal overdose rate but virtually no treatment centers

The severity of opioid addiction in Piscataquis is a much more striking problem when considering the rate of fatal overdoses last year per every 1,000 residents.

A cancer patient is one of many facing eviction at a South Portland housing complex

Cassandra English and her 19-year-old daughter face eviction after their rent went up by more than $400 a month.

More Maine small businesses are struggling to pay rent

Some 40 percent of small businesses surveyed in Maine did not pay rent in full or on time in May.

Air Force investigating extent of ‘forever chemical’ contamination at former Limestone base

The mere presence of PFAS means that the Air Force must conduct a study on how far the chemicals at Loring have spread.

Firm at the center of botched UMA president search is filling 2 more university positions

Chancellor Dannel Malloy has ordered a review of all active employment searches, including those involving firms like Storbeck Search.

Staffing shortages and little training spurred Biddeford Starbucks workers to start union drive

The Biddeford Starbucks was frequently understaffed and unequipped at times to handle customers, especially as summer vacationers flocked to southern Maine.

A June campaign in Maine’s tourism mecca will test Democrats’ 2022 hopes

Hancock County is proving to be a decent microcosm of Maine politics in 2022.

Voters in a small Maine island town may pull the plug on a broadband project

Southport could lose hundreds of thousands of dollars already invested in the project.

A Belfast man has built a tiny, fictional version of the midcoast city with a spicy twist

The Greens made sure to add miniature surprises to their replica of Belfast that only the keenest eyes can see.

At this Bangor dance studio, burlesque helps students feel sexy

Eye Candy Dance Studio offers traditional dance fitness and strength training, but its more popular classes are burlesque and belly dance.

Maine’s 1st sensational, true crime murder stories were written by Puritan preachers

Preachers often had access to the last moments of the convicted before they faced sentencing for the crimes they were accused of.

Maine’s vegan farms spend up to a year creating compost free of animal waste

You won’t find any chemical- or animal-based compost on land that practices vegan farming — referred to as “veganic” farming.

This is what beaver tails cooked over an open fire taste like

BDN outdoors contributor Christi Holmes had heard fabled stories of eating beaver tail, but had not tried it herself.

In other Maine news…

Ralph Carr, Hermon educator who influenced thousands of students, dies at 88

Historic Presque Isle hotel to reopen with new restaurant and social mission

LGBTQ people urge Democrats to forcefully reject GOP attacks

Dump truck spills nearly 100 gallons of diesel near drinking well after Gray crash

Woman and 3 young children hospitalized after Standish crash

Rockland worker dies after being critically injured in building collapse

Calais looks to extend Down East Sunrise Trail to the Canadian border

2 arrested in Washington County hit-and-run that killed motorcyclist

6 accused of trafficking fentanyl in Penobscot County

Crash breaks telephone pole in half in New Gloucester

Inmate dies at Cumberland County Jail

Lawsuit alleging retaliation against former Knox County Jail guard reaches settlement

CEO of Saddleback Mountain resort is stepping down