PORTLAND — Arkatechture CUSO, a technology company dedicated to empowering organizations with a better understanding of their business through data, will be a solution provider for Greenville Federal Credit Union. The implementation of their Arkalytics platform will help centralize their data from a variety of sources for analytics, while also ensuring the data is clean, accurate, and ready to use for informed decision making.

Founded in 1968, Greenville Federal Credit Union serves the Greenville County region of South Carolina. When the credit union converted to Episys in March of 2020, they quickly realized that their current business intelligence and analytics platform was not going to be able to give them all of the data they wanted from various databases. The Greenville team recognized a gap in their experience, so they sought a solution with a third party to help them walk through the setup of data collection, clean-up, and management to ensure the quality of the data they wanted to use. “We also knew that with competition coming to our area, that now was the right time to make the investment” says Teresa Jones, VP of business intelligence at Greenville Federal Credit Union.

Greenville Federal Credit Union chose Arkatechture for their approach to high data quality and the integration of so many systems. “Arkatechture has a team with the experience to help us get data integrated quickly, even with the number of systems we currently have. They were helpful in guiding us to start with the necessary data and then move into more data as the comfort level improves.” said Jones. Arkatechture has provided guidance on what has worked well with other credit unions who were new to the data world and helped inform the Greenville Federal Credit Union’s team of best practices. “They were never pushy, but always willing to assist and answer questions, no matter if we chose them or another company. My team could tell early on that this was going to be an alliance,” reflects Jones on the vender selection process.

Greenville Federal Credit Union’s goal is to ensure that they are here to serve their members for generations to come. With their collaboration with Arkatechture, they will become a data-driven credit union, able to make informed decisions based on data to utilize their limited resources in the best way possible to benefit their members, and improve efficiency. “We hope to put data in the hands of the directional leaders to make quick and smart decisions that will have a significant impact on our revenue and operational efficiency, improve processes in all areas of the credit union, and anticipate the needs of our members in the next financial stage of their lives” remarks Teresa Jones on the credit union’s goals.

“It was clear from the original sales call that this credit union has a passionate and excited team that is eager to transform their organization through more data-driven decisioning. We’re just as eager to get them going on their journey from reactive to proactive to predictive, and look forward to ‘geeking out’ with them along the way!,” says Jamie Jackson, founder and CEO of Arkatechture.