Mike Tipping (right) and Abe Furth (left) are the Democratic candidates for Maine Senate District 8. Credit: Courtesy of Mike Tipping; Linda Coan O'Kresik / BDN

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When I returned to Maine in 2016, Abe Furth’s name came up in conversations while reconnecting. The wonderful things that he, along with his partner Heather, were doing for the community. However, in the winter of 2017 I was lucky enough to start calling him my boss and friend.

During my interview in February 2017, I knew I wanted to work for this group of people for a long time. I got the sense they loved the community and cared for the people. I was right.

Over the past five years working for OBC, I have been lucky enough to be part of the growth of our tiny brewery in downtown Orono to our larger brewery on Margin Street.

In my role as Creative Director, I design our can labels and much more. With this, I work closely with Abe Furth on a daily basis. During his decision making process he listens to all the concerns and opinions of all those involved, leaning on people’s strengths.

When Furth asks how people and their family are doing, and how things are going at work, he truly wants to know. He wants to know how I am, how my wife Taylor and son Nova are doing, and how things are going at OBC. He cares.

As State Senator, I believe Furth will be a natural leader. He will work with people for what’s best for the people and make the hard decisions when needed. If people live within District 8, I encourage them to vote on June 14 for Abe Furth.

Justin Soderberg

Creative Director

Orono Brewing Company


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