Mike Tipping (right) and Abe Furth (left) are the Democratic candidates for Maine Senate District 8. Credit: Courtesy of Mike Tipping; Linda Coan O'Kresik

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It seems like every week we are hearing stories from across our country of state legislatures enacting laws to limit the rights of their citizens to access safe, affordable and necessary medical care. The ability to obtain standard reproductive care or gender-affirming care is no longer based on what is best and medically necessary for the patient, but is now dependent on the ideology of those in power in the state in which they live. The ramifications of how these laws affect the health and everyday wellness of people will be tremendous. As a local pediatrician, I see the consequences of patients not having access to the medical care they need on a daily basis.  

I am voting for Mike Tipping to represent District 8 in the Maine State Legislature because he understands the health crises many Maine families face everyday. Tipping has been a strong advocate for expanding access to health care in Maine and supporting those who provide that essential care. As a parent and a health care provider, I trust Mike Tipping to continue advocating for the health and well being of all Mainers.

Annie Powers


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